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1920: Horrors of the Heart Storyline

When Meghna a young girl decides to break the news of her love with Arjun to her father Dheeraj on her twenty-first birthday, her worst nightmare comes alive when she discovers Dheeraj has killed himself. Meghna finds out that it is her mother Radhika who had not only abandoned them when she was a child but is also responsible for her father's suicide. Unable to bear her mother's betrayal, Meghna resolves to seek revenge and comes to live with Radhika and her current family to destroy them with a sinister plot of using her father's spirit to bring havoc to Radhika and her family.



1920: Horrors of the Heart

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Video Quality: HD
IMDB Rate: 3.6
Genres: Horror, Drama
Year: 2023
Country: India
Language: Hindi
Run Time: 122 min